This training package is directly aimed at young professionals, students, employees and entrepreneurs that want to improve their communication skills, both written and verbal. Moreover, the training course is also aimed at VET providers, Higher Education Institutions, educators and SMEs that will have the opportunity to incorporate this course in their training practices.

The course offers you the opportunity to improve your written and verbal communication skills, share your ideas and concerns, enhance your employability and access the international market, the EWC course is here for you. The e-learning and Social Networking Platforms allow you to explore and attend the online course and contact other people like you from all over Europe.


The EWC course is structured to gradually introduce you in effective professional writing and communication situations. The course consists of four modules entitled:

  1. "Think before you write"
  2. "Let’s get down to business"
  3. "It’s a deal"
  4. "Let’s have a project"

Each module will teach you how to communicate in a logical, appropriate, creative and relevant way, and offer you some tips to obtain best results in your professional career.

EWC offers you a complete training package that includes the e-course which it is hosted on the EWC e-learning platform, the training handbook in downloadable format and the social networking platform

The course is offered in English. A level of at least B2 is recommended

To use the online training course, basic computer skills are needed together with access to the Internet

After completing the EWC course you will be able to:

  • make better use of your critical thinking skills
  • structure, organize your ideas and summarize your thoughts
  • write better coherent text
  • report back on and evaluate
  • identify S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • use persuasive language
  • participate in meetings
  • understand cultural differences
  • present yourself in a business environment
  • organizing your thoughts when writing a business proposal
  • solve problems and manage conflict
  • talk about past events, achievements
  • talk about problems and offer advice



Instructions for students
  Instructions for teachers

If you need technical assistance while working with the EWC platform, please send a message describing your problem at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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