First Elements was founded in 2000, with the vision to build upon its unique business model of fully integrated/complementary services to become a major player in Cyprus, establish a strong presence at European level and to expand its activity in Eastern Europe, the Gulf and the Mediterranean. The company is based in Cyprus and provides integrated consulting services to the public and private sector at national and international level. Our core areas of expertise are business and entrepreneurship support and development, research support and development, social issues, technical assistance, and organizational development.

First Elements’ experience in many relative Lifelong Learning Projects and its expert staff in preparing, organising and monitoring the implementation of the projects gives First Element a leading role in evaluation part of this project and an important role in the development of the training material.



First Elements Euroconsultants Ltd
Grigoriou Xenopoulou 10
Nicosia 1061

Phone: +357 (22) 875738

Contact Person: Mr Philip J.G. Ammerman
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