For 10 years LatConsul Ltd. – one of the most successful VET institutions in Latvia - on daily basis provides vocational education training activities for more than 12 000 pupils on national, regional and international level. Coordinator of National Educational organization Network, we provide an opportunity to gather, provide networking and collaboration opportunities for VET institutions in our country.

On daily basis our training centre provides training, individual consultations and monthly seminars for 100 people on Project Management and Development. Meanwhile Latconsul develops and provides innovative and individually oriented training on entrepreneurship skills, E-marketing, ICT training, financial management, accounting training, as well as language training on different levels (English, German, French, Scandinavian, Russian, Spanish). For instance, within EU’s financial support programm “Spurtti”, LatConsul provided Finnish language courses for Latvian medical staff and their family members who are planning to move to Finland.

LatConsul Ltd. also provides labor protection specialist training, fire safety training and courses, software and tool application for accountants, project development for vocational education professionals etc.

In order to provide knowledge and skills in using ICT in education, LatConsul provides Comenius In-Service training on “Most Effective Internet Tools and E-learning methods in Education”.  LatConsul Ltd. provides Grundtvig In-Service training on Project development and management, using ICT.

LatConsul provides also various educational activities, such as project management and accountancy courses, training for office managers, labour protection specialist courses, fire safety course etc. Latconsul organizes seminars on finance management, business consultations and corporative training. Latconsul is also a member of the National Project Management Association and Latvian Association of Business Consultants, as well as European network “Coneed EU eG Bildungswerk”.

LatConsul Ltd provided a variety of services in the field of education through organizing many seminars, courses, vocational education activities. Hence, it has the skills to provide the project with a base workshop that will organize and inform the future trainers about the methods used in the training package.



LatConsul Ltd
Raiņa bulvāris 2-3
Riga 1050

Phone: +371 67216435

Contact Person: Ms Ilze Šēfere-Siliņa
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