SPACE is a non for profit organisation in the field of professional higher education with universities of applied sciences and traditional universities. The organisation is registered in Belgium under Belgian law. SPACE has more than 70 members in 25 European countries and it was established in 1989 as an ERASMUS network but has expanded its activities over the years. Today SPACE is:

  • a network of higher education institutions that are operational in the European educational area and the European research area;
  • a multicultural, pluralistic and forward looking organisation that strives for educational aims on the basis of equality of gender, thoughts and opinions;
  • a dynamic association of inspired educationalists that wants to efficiently cooperate in order to achieve the goals we have set to ourselves and the educational world.

In order to reach our goals we aim at

  • developing educational programmes which maintain a high degree of quality across the range of partner institutions;
  • adopting a flexible and online approach to programme provision across our network members;
  • encouraging the exchange of students to develop an awareness of other cultures and values;
  • encouraging the exchange of staff of partners as a means for staff development and for creation of awareness of different academic cultures;
  • sharing expertise and know-how in various disciplines, in project work and other joint initiatives;
  • developing a spirit for quality in teaching and a sense for research in the affiliated institutions;
  • making education more accessible to all, including underprivileged groups by lowering the thresholds to higher education via the recognition of experiential learning;
  • facilitating the bridging of the gap between higher education institutions and the business community and key stakeholders. 



Space European Network for Business Studies and Languages (SPACE)
EURASHE Ravensteingalerij 27/3
Brussels 1000

Phone: +4565453135

Contact Person: Luc Broes
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.