The Elephant Learning in Diversity is expert in strategy and innovation in adult learning and social change offering:

  1. introductions, workshops and presentations about innovation, lifelong learning, project  development and the knowledge society;
  2. consultancy about policy development and - implementation of innovation in adult learning in a globalised world;
  3. realisation of train the trainer seminars and workshops;
  4. developing communities to create, share, and use lifelong learning knowledge.

The Elephant Learning in Diversity is involved in many national and international network contacts with organisations who show good practices of adult learning and who are willing to contribute to European lifelong learning projects. Jumbo Klercq, its general director/ shareholder , has been involved in many European LLL-projects as PEFETE (Pan- European  Forum for Education of The Elderly), LACE (Learning Active Citizenship in Europe), IPM (Intergenerational Portfolio Management) and many others. Exploring the Dutch landscape of learning in later life, contacting Dutch organisations and implementing its experience in organising workshops and seminars regarding adult learning sets Elephant as leader to undertake the EWC Pilot Sessions and as a main partner in the development of the educational material. Elephant’s experience will also be important for many project’s activities, such as user requirements identification, design of the online platform, national dissemination activities, advice on the project’s exploitation etc.



The Elephant Learning in Diversity BV
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Nijmegen 6545 KJ

Phone: +31628263998

Contact Person: Mr Jumbo Klercq
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