University of Information Technology and Management (UITM; Polish abbreviation: WSIZ) is one of the biggest private universities in Poland. UITM is a non-profit institution and has been listed at the top of many national independent ranking surveys for the past nine years.The University offers studies in English (majors: International Management, Hospitality Management, Information Technology and Aviation Management) and in Polish (majors: Economics, Public Administration, Journalism and Public Relations, Tourism and Recreation, Information Technology, Public Health, International Relations and National Security). The current number of students nears 6500, including more than 800 internationals: China, India, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Turkey, Portugal and other countries.

The UITM is deeply involved in various initiatives in the field of adult training (analysis of needs, curriculum design, implementation and evaluation) and has strong links to the business sector and  local administration. UITM was leading a number of ESF-funded projects aiming at increasing the skills of adult learners (training to SME employees; training to the unemployed), often with a focus on older workers. We are also participating in the development of the Regional Innovation Strategy, which puts a strong emphasis on development of human capital and mobilisation of older workers on the labour market. The UITM runs their own ‘Academy 50+’ programme that is designed for older people an integrates training and leisure activities.

The UITM have participated in a number of training projects, including vocational training for the unemployed, competence training for the employees and public administration, including e-learning solutions, as well as vocational guidance initiatives for adults (there is a registered vocational guidance agency within the UITM. We have implemented over 100 projects co-financed by EU funds (ESF, EFRD, Leonardo da Vinci, LLP), including near 15 international ones (mostly under the LLP, including FARE, RELESE, SESTEM, 3C, USEREC and others, both as the coordinator and as a partners). UITM is involved in a number of networking initiatives, which creates opportunities for effective and widespread dissemination, e.g. the European Enterprise Network, Regional Centres for European Information, Union of Non-Public Schools and Universities.



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